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White Rocks meditation

Thank you for your interest in my products. I am currently taking a break and will be back in my studio soon to create new. I appreciate your patience during this time and forward to sharing my new creations you.

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I found likada at village fest years ago. I have loved these soaps since. Our favorites are coachella, whitewater, honey!


I got the coffee scrub and HoneyBear soap. And oh man oh man! I am someone who should wear lotion, but am too lazy to do so. And ever since I've been regularly using the Honey Bear bar soap my skin Honey! Not the sticky part. Lol. Smooth and soft. Like I use lotion. Will be getting it on the regular FOR SURE! Amazing stuff!

Everyone needs to try Whitewater. It's a must have in my home.

Also try Coachella its very unisex!



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